Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Importance and uses of crystal globe
  1. Crystal globe is one of the important cures in Feng Shui that has universal appeal. With so many cures for home and all areas this cure in Feng Shui especially works for office and business to bring in good business and increase in finance.
  2. Crystals as we all know have the power to collect light and energy thus making them good energy enhancers for any area.
  3. In Feng Shui this crystal globe cure can be used by anyone to improve their financial luck and welcome prosperity and good business.
  4. Placement of the crystal globe in the right direction will not only bring business form unexpected quarters but also improve and increase the business from existing clients of the company.
  5. The globe has a metal ring usually of golden colour. It is advisable to use this cure judiciously to improve your money luck.
  6. Always keep your globe shiny and clean. As you begin your day make it a daily routine to clean your globe and place it with positive intentions on your office table.

Placement of crystal globe
  1. Where to place the crystal globe for best benefit as Feng Shui cure- the best place according to Feng Shui is first to consider the area in which you have your office.
  2. If your table is in the south and south east this is the best location. Place the crystal globe on the left hand side of your table and always maintain cleanliness in your office.
  3. Avoid placing the crystal globe near the edge of your office or study table since there is risk of falling and breaking which is harmful and since this fear will always be there this will create bad Feng Shui and poison arrow every time you view your crystal globe.
  4. A crystal globe cure is used to bring great business opportunities and bring wealth and prosperity. The globe gives you the open opportunity of global level and increase business many folds.  
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Crystal globe

crystal globe

Monday, April 13, 2015


We all know that a Dolphin is an auspicious symbol it is an intelligent and versatile aquatic animal. Feng shui Dolphins stands for the people who have positive effect on your life. It can be trained to perform interesting actions. In Feng Shui Dolphin is considered auspicious. By keeping it at home, we can get prosperity and happiness among family members. It drives away scarcity of money. A dolphin fish is a water creature & so it is connected with water area. It is good for peace, wealth, health, career, education, children, prosperity & long life.

Dolphins exist as a group in wild and feng shui dolphins have to be placed in a pair or as a group. These will inspire the same eagerness and playfulness in our relationship which dolphins show in their relationship. They could be statues, drawings, wind chimes, window pictures, figurines placed conveniently. They would bring out the same supportive nature and caring that dolphins exhibit in their social living.

We imagine the picture of a dolphin happily playing with a colourful ball. Dolphins have always been connected with happiness, joy, liveliness and warmth. Science has proved that Dolphins have amazing grasping and memorizing skills. They have excellent communication powers, and they are excellent at performing elaborate tasks. Dolphins are fish like and have hairless bodies. They are powerful and this energy helps them drive through the water. Therefore a painting or a crystal showpiece of dolphin imparts good chi in the house.

Placement of Dolphin
  1. A dolphin showpiece or its photograph should be placed in the north.
  2. If Dolphin is made of crystal then it should be placed in the West direction.
  3. Crystal Dolphin, on one hand boosts happiness; on the other hand it absorbs negative energy.
  4. For better performance in business Fengshui Dolphin can be placed in the Western direction in the office. When kept at North and West directions, it produces better results.
  5. The Dolphin is particularly beneficial for young person’s as it helps them in making new friends and develops intelligence. In FengShui, Dolphin is a powerful symbol of protection.
  6. As a sculpture on a desk, to prevent ideas from being stolen
  7. As a poster in a child's room or in the office to promote a peaceful atmosphere.
  8. Picture of a mother and child dolphin is very common for couples expecting a child.
  9. Dolphin playing with a ball is a good picture for the kids room. This will develop the sporting attitude among kids.
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Dolphin family

Dolphin couple

Crystal dolphin

Friday, April 10, 2015


A feng Shui money tree is a symbol used as a cure in appropriate areas to stimulate the flow of money. The feng shui money tree is one of the most popular plants used as a feng shui cure in the classical feng shui money applications. The money tree is used as a feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity.

Though people use several different types of plants plants as money trees, the pachira plant is the original Chinese plant called the money tree. Some believe it's the shape of the pachira leaves that elevates it to the status of tree that can attract money. The leaves symbolize the five feng shui elements of wood, water, fire, metal, and earth. Because the pachira plant represents the five elements, it's an ideal living example of harmony and balance for those elements. 

This in turn makes the plant a perfect candidate for attracting money by placing it inside your home to balance the chi energies governing your finances. A money tree can also be used for enhancing and reinforcing other aspects of life, such as, for example, career development, or personal and professional growth.

Types of Feng Shui money trees
A live tree
While any potted plant with round leaves (to be associated with coins) can serve as a money tree, a plant named Pachira is considered to be the ideal variant. A live plant is the best option because it not only attracts money, but also represents growth and development. 
A tree of coins
Such a money tree is a good option for places where a live plant cannot grow. Feng Shui coins instead of leaves will activate the positive energy of the place, and attract more money into life.
A gemstone money tree
A nice option is a tree with gemstones instead of leaves. It luxurious look is sure to energize the space, and attract more luxurious things to it. Jade is considered a lucky gemstone and used for this purpose. Sometime citrine is used as well as it energetically attracts wealth.

Placement of money tree
  1. Since feng shui money trees bring or increase wealth, they are ideal to place near a place where money is kept or near the cash registers in businesses.
  2. Any other place where money and wealth is needed can be a good place for a feng shui money tree as well.
  3. Feng shui money trees can also be strategically placed according to the house or office areas indicated by the bagua map.
  4. The bagua map northwest corner corresponds to the prosperity area of life, and this could be an ideal place for a feng shui money tree to be.
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coins tree
gem tree

Thursday, April 9, 2015


The singing bowls are a beauty to behold. Both the look and the sound of singing bowls bring powerful energy to one's home. The feng shui use of singing bowls is very similar to the use of bells (singing bowls are considered a type of bell). The openness of the bowl brings an additional quality of energy to its use as a feng shui cure and in many cases; the feng shui use of singing bowls is more powerful than the use of bells. The most important aspect of the singing bowl is its sound (of course). The higher the quality of the bowl, the higher and more pure the resonance it produces.

3 Basic ways singing bowl used for good feng shui
  1. You can use singing bowls to clear your home of low or stuck energy, as well as to continuously keep the energy of your home fresh and clear. Use them in your regular feng shui space clearing sessions, as well as at any time throughout the day.
  2. You can also use a singing bowl as a feng shui cure for the bagua area that benefits from the Metal element of the bowl (West, Northwest or North).
  3. The singing bowls are a powerful cure for the challenging feng shui annual stars, as the pure sound produced by the singing bowl disperses the negative energy of the bad feng shui stars in your home. Use them in the location of the bad stars of the Earth element (# 2 an # 5), as Metal weakens the Earth in the cycle of 5 feng shui elements.
Singing bowl for space clearing
Space purification clears away negative vibrations, allowing fresh new chi to enter your home. A cleared space puts us in touch with the soul and energy of the universe so that we live in harmony with each other and our environment. Space purification is done using incense, followed by singing bowl purification. As your living space is cleansed with regular use of the singing bowl, its metalic sound will get purer and sharper each day to reflect cleaner energy around you.

Characteristics of a good singing bowl
  • Should ideally have a shining golden colour, be fairly thick, and perfectly round.
  • Can be polished or matte; in any metallic shade.
  • The quality of sound is determined by the thickness of the bowl's rim.
  • Its humming resonance and singing vibrations depend on its depth.
  • It is made from 7 types of metals.
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how to hit your singing bowl

singing bowl

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The coin sword is consisted of  lot of Chinese coins. It is also called money sword. Coin sword is used to ward of bad spirits and protect your home. You can hang the coin sword above your main door or on the wall of the living room facing out to protect bad energies from entering your house. Feng Shui coin sword is an extremely powerful protection against Sha Chi or killing breath that threaten the loss of wealth and health. In fact, thousand years ago, Taoist priests in Ancient China believe it has the power to wards off evil forces.

The sword is usually tied together with red threads so that the energies of the coins are energized and released, increasing its potency. Coin swords make excellent cure for Feng Shui afflicted corners, especially for those in corporate or political environment.

The coins used are usually Ching Dynasty coins. You must get those made of metal such as brass or bronze. Avoid getting those made of resin because they lack the metal energy. You will see a few sizes of coin swords. The most powerful one has 108 coins tied together. Larger coin swords are useful for shops, business premises, factories and more authoritative use. Smaller versions are more suitable for a humble cubicle or small office space.

Placement direction and how to use the Coin Sword remedy in Feng Shui
  1. Hang the auspicious Coin Sword on the wall behind or beside your desk, preferably in Northwest or West wall, to protect yourself against ‘sha chi’ from business rivalries and adversaries. Ensure you have your back to a solid wall. This is a potent symbol of protection against corporate backstabbing for a manager on the rise. Never hang it directly in front of you.
  2. Display the Auspicious Coin Sword behind you in your room or general office to counter gossips and politics in your office which may harm your career. It will ward off office enemies too. For bosses or managers, it is best to use a large coin sword to counter any gossips and unobedient employees by hanging it behind you or on either your left or right. Do not hang it directly in front of you.
  3. Hang the coin sword on the wall in your living room, slanting with the tip facing down and towards the front door or windows. This will neutralize any bad Chi entering your home and protect your family members from harm caused by people with bad intentions.
  4. In Flying Star Feng Shui, this sword is an effective antidote to ward-off the evil influences of the malignant #5 yellow star and #2 black star. The #2 black star is also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants while the #5 yellow star is the ‘Disaster Star’ that instigates fights, accidents and death. Placing the 9 Emperors Coins in the affected sectors will dilute these adverse energies.
Tip: On the first day of the Lunar New Year, cleanse your feng shui coin sword using rock salt, under running water, incense or a singing bowl.

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Coin Sword

Coin Sword

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


One of the main prosperity Chinese symbols, the feng shui sailing ship also called wealth ship has been said to be the most known wealth symbols in Chinese culture. These objects can be seen in most Chinese houses and buildings as traditional objects as well as prosperity amulets. Ships or Chinese junks were the main transportation for gold and treasures in 18th to 19th century and this is why ships are taken as a popular symbol for wealth. When Chinese junks return to their home country carrying treasures, jewellery, gold bars and exclusive cargo, they signify victorious endeavours.

The wealth ship is a famous feng shui wealth enhancer in homes and business premises. According to feng shui, this symbol will attract the wealth luck and prosperity in the long term. People sometimes have more than one wealth ship in order to create multiple sources of income.

The wealth ship must be laden with lots of gold coins and ingots as well as other lucky or auspicious symbols such as precious stones and jewels. It is believed that this wealth ship will not only create abundance in wealth but it also protects our existing wealth from being loss.

Where to place Wealth Ship
  1. To give the best results, the feng shui wealth ship should be placed in proper position. When displaying the wealth ship, do not face the ship out it has to be seen sailing into your home from the maindoor.
  2. Place it inside your house or office and next to the main door. If your door is at the southeast or east of the building, your sailing ship should be made of wood in order to create harmony for that area.
  3. On the other hand, if your door is at the west or northwest, the sailing ship should be made of metal. And if the door is at the southwest or northeast, a crystal ship should be placed next to it. With these tips, you are not only attracting wealth luck but also creating balance between the main elements.
  4. Other best places to display the wealth ship are in the Southeast corner of your family rooms, living rooms, offices or business premises in order to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
  5. According to many feng shui masters, you should not place the wealth ship in the bedrooms, kitchens and toilets. Never display empty ships.
  6. Some feng shui experts also suggest that you should keep your wealth ship from being stagnant to symbolize continual growth. You can do this by adding an extra gem or coin to it once a month. You can add a foreign currency to it as well to attract wealth from around the world. Include also money given to you by someone rich and wealthy.
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wooden wealth ship

metal wealth ship