"20 min of Reiki a day keeps the doctor away."
Reiki is a Japanese term, which means ‘Universal Life Force energy’. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter. Reiki is an ancient art of natural spiritual healing, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. It is one of the highest forms of energy in existence
Rei (Ray) means Universal
Ki (Key) means Live Force Energy

Reiki is of Vedic origin and was lost of humanity. It was re-discovered by Buddha and was lost again. It was re-discovered during the 1900’s by Japanese called Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui was Dean of University.
  • Reiki is a Positive and natural Energy, as there is no side effect, no harm can be sustained to a person with Reiki as it is a Divine Energy.
  • It is a natural, spiritual healing which is totally independent of religion, belief and faith system.
  • Reiki healing empowerment is only receivable through attunement by a Master of Reiki.
  • The first priority is to heal oneself.
  • The flow of energy comes from above, down through the crown chakra to third eye chakra to throat & from there to the hands.
  • Reiki channels are not doctors.
  • Reiki works for results in a person according to the needs of that person.
  • A Reiki channel is also charged with energy to the same extent & duration for which, he/she has given Reiki treatment to another.
  • Reiki can ensure better health. Both physical and mental which are interdependent on each other.
Benefits of Reiki
  • Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress, tension and anger
  • Aids better sleep
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Promotes creativity
  • Compliments medical treatment
  • Increases energy levels
  • Clears the mind and improves focus
  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
  • Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit
Deepest Secret Of Reiki:
In your life if you do not like something of external world, heal that inner aspect, Reiki it. Your life & your Karma will change. When you actually experience this, you will understand that the whole universe exist within you. That is the secret of Reiki. It gives the actual realization to each. You channel Reiki, heal your world, everyone on it & will become healed sufficiently.
How to learn different degrees of Reiki?
The first degree of Reiki – attunement (Reiki -1):- Gives the ability to channel healing energy to you. Generally anyone who applies for receiving the first degree of Reiki is qualified to learn. As far as receiving the first degree of Reiki attunements, no qualification needed. The only qualification is acceptance. Reiki is not a religious faith, or belief system. Anyone from the age of 8 onwards to 84 ages of people can learn it.

The first degree of Reiki – attunement (Reiki -1), you can work on yourself and combine this with treatment from other Reiki channels which will give you a faster result. Reiki – 1 energies are very gentle and comforting. It energies and rapidly cut through all types of heavy blocks and obstacles which otherwise retard healing.
The second degree of Reiki – (Reiki 2):- Reiki – 2 energies are four times powerful than Reiki – 1. Reiki – 2 & higher degree are initiated by the Master who will be able to bring forth the fitness of the individual within 21 days of the first degree of Reiki – attunement. Reiki – 2 is considered the completion of Reiki. This means one can fully create ones positive present and harmonizing ones whole life.

After attunement & while working on yourself with Reiki, you will experience well being & good health. You may also experience a ‘cleansing’ process which brings many old problems to the surface of your conscious. As you continue self-healing process, those problems resolve leaving you much happier & healthier.

Reiki Mastership:- After practicing second level that is Reiki – 2 for few months you can go for Reiki Mastership Level.
Result from Reiki

The results form Reiki is immediate, but it may take time for blockages to clear & the effects to manifest. Similarly simple problems get resolved faster while deep seated ones naturally takes longer period. If you have difficulties then request other Reiki channels for group Reiki healing or contact at Reiki & expect the results.

One should go for Reiki Mastership also. It is the best modality for self growth & confidence. In this you learn a Mastership symbols which gives you 100% of growth in your career, in your success.

Once you are a Reiki Master then you can teach & guide as many as people you want. This is also a source of income which you can gain sitting at home. House wife can also grab this opportunity. Only ‘lucky’ persons get this opportunity. See if you come in ‘Lucky’

Reiki Class Session
Reiki Mastership class

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