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A personal wealth vase is a Feng Shui symbol and is said to vastly help the owner by inviting good wealth, fortune and luck.The vase is to be filled with precious items, and kept at home or office.The personal wealth vase can be a powerful tool to invite and maintain prosperity.The wealth vase is considered to be a very potent wealth enhancer for your family.

Multiply your inflow of cash and wealth luck by keeping a beautiful wealth vase, filled with gold ingots, gemstones,coins and all the other vital ingredients.The feng shui wealth vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance cures. In fact, it is considered an ancient cure brought to China from India many centuries ago; the making of the wealth vase is still a tradition (and a sacred offering) in many Tibetan Buddhist Temples.
Wealth Vase Ingredients
  1. A suitable vase
  2. Crystals and precious stones.
  3. 6 clear crystal balls.
  4. 5 grain sachets. (corn,millet,rice,oats,wheat etc)
  5. 12 Chinese animals pendant
  6. Indian and Foreign Currency.
  7. Potli.
  8. Chinese coins.
  9. Ruyi.
  10. Faux or real diamonds and jewellery.
  11. Ingots.
  12. Gold-bars.
  13. Wealth-God (Chinese or Laxmi).
  14. Tie with 5 color clothes. (red, white,yellow,green,blue)
  15. 5 color string. (red,white,yellow,green,blue))
  16. Endless Knot.
Where to place your Wealth Vase: Wealth Vase has to be placed in your safe or locker. 

wealth vase

wealth vase ingredients

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